What we do

What we do

We work with clients of all types to help make sure that they're retaining quality in their projects.

Quality is not just about releasing a bug-free product, rather it's something that delivers on expectations and maintains a high standard in terms of usability, quality and general presentation. To ensure real quality, you need to not just test the end result, but to constantly monitor what you are producing against your agreed scope to ensure that you're working on creating the right solution for your clients.

Such monitoring is inherently difficult to deliver 'in-house' - it can swallow up time and, if delivered by the same teams who have been working on the product itself, you will naturally introduce bias and preconception into your assurance testing. Short of having a dedicated QA team, it's very hard to objectively review your own work without impacting your resourcing, and often the profitability of your projects.

with that in mind, we help our clients at key stages of project confirmation, design and delivery to give them the assurances they need that what they're building is not just fit for purpose, but is within the agreed boundaries of scope. Whilst not prescriptive, the key areas we can help you in are:

Scope control

We can review your scope assets to make sure you are delivering what you agreed - nothing more, nothing less.

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Document review

Specifications that don't have enough detail leave you wide-open. We can make sure they're detailed enough to remove ambiguity.

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User experience

As an impartial user, we can see how things flow in the real world and suggest refinements.

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Common security

Prior to a full penetration test, we can hunt for easily overlooked bugs and problems and suggest remedies.

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Outside of your test environments, we can measure how your projects really perform.

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Full UAT

We can do end to end testing on your pre-release candidates to provide an extra layer of assurance prior to client testing.

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How we do it

We purposefully take a bespoke approach to every engagement: some clients only need us to do pre-release testing; others find our help beneficial in the early stages of a project, ensuring that a complete understanding of a client's requirements are captured and agreed in sufficient detail.

We also tailor how we report back to you - if you need an in-depth formal report, that's absolutely find, but it takes more time to product and obviously that costs more money. Often, our clients are happy to simply hear what we've found and for it to be summarised in an email. The outcome and quality of response is the same, but it gets to you quicker and spends less of your project budget.

We'll work out the details of our engagement with you on a one-to-one basis to make sure you're getting exactly what you need, in the budget you have to get it done. All our initial discussions and quoting are 100% confidential, non-committal and absolutely free - just get in touch and we'll arrange a conversation to suit your availability.