Common security

The most obvious hacks are usually the most easily missed

Even simple sites can have exploits introduced: search forms that are not properly escaped; and over-reliance on front-end (rather than server-side) validation etc. They tend to get overlooked because the functionality around them is equally as easy and is often delivered on auto-pilot, or copied from a previous project, which was copied from a previous project, and so on until you realise that it was actually written five years ago when the exploit in question was not a known issue.

How we can help

We don't do full penetration tests, but we can look for the obvious things - poorly validated forms, access to content that should be hidden behind authentication etc. We look to highlight the stuff that the majority of remotely savvy internet users might find because they read an article on 'hacking'. These are typically the ones that will get the most publicity, and are annoying because they're minor, typically don't pose much of a risk to anyone or any data, but do just as much damage to your reputation as a full scale data breach.

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