Document review

Documents that contain ambiguity or are incomplete are worthless

Project specifications are the most important documents you have - they not only capture your agreed scope, but they form the basis of your development plans and testing plans. Ultimately, they are the document that the site you deliver is compared against to see if it's complete.

Yet they are so often neglected: written by the wrong people to tick off a box on the deliverables sheet rather than properly put together with appropriate detail and planning; or simply not updated as the project iterates and evolves past initial sign-off.

Often, it won't matter - your client will be happy with the delivered project and an outdated specification will never be referred to again; but when something isn't working as the client expected, or seems to be missing entirely, you're going to want to know what what you've built is very clearly defined in a specification, or you're in for some uncomfortable arguments with an annoyed client.

How we can help

We can review your documentation at any (or multiple) stage to ensure that it's up to scratch. We'll look for ambiguity - where described functionality could be delivered in different, radically different ways - and a general lack of detail, where assumptions could lead to problems down the line. We'll also compare your documentation to any scope you have, such as your initial agreement or any assets planned or built, to ensure that they all marry up.

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