A slow or unresponsive site will see your visitors disappear

If your site is loading slowly, it can dramatically impact your user's perception of quality and their overall experience.

Low performing sites are also very easy to create - both you and your clients will typically be on decent internet connections during the working day, and the myriad of fonts, high-res images and script files you're including will likely run fine on your reasonably powerful computers; but put the same site in the hands of someone using an old laptop, on a slow connection, and the story can be very different indeed.

How we can help

We can run detailed performance analysis on your site using a range of automated and manual checks to not only identify where you might have introduced unnecessary bottlenecks, but also how they might be remedied. Sometimes, it's not possible to optimise what you have enough to make a difference, so we'll also advise you on the performance versus benefit of each element which is lowering the performance of your site so you and your clients can make informed choices on how to proceed.

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